Enrolment Process

Step 1 - Forms to fill in: 

       Optional services.


Step 2 - Required documents

  • Vaccination book.
  • Official doctor's certificate (stating good health or any conditions to be considered e.g. allergies).
  • Latest school report card.
  • Student's photograph.
  • Copy of the student's ID card. (If available)
  • Copy of the mother's DNI
  • Copy of the father's DNI
  • Please attach receipt of payment of admission and registration fees.
  • Download and attach the Data Protection document.

Step 3 - Read and accept the following conditions.

* Important! You will be asked to attach all documents from Step 1 (Filled, signed and saved as a digital file) and Step 2 (scanned).


The admission of a student is conditional on our terms and conditions. A student will be enrolled in our school after accepting the place offered and paying an initial admission and tuition deposit.