Admission process

Admission process

We will be happy to assist you in your child’s admissions process, from the initial consultation to full enrolment.

The process is very simple as detailed below. We accept pupils from any residential area (depending on visa requirements) and with different abilities and talents. Your child may join the school at any time during the course and any age group, as long as there is a place available.

Our highly experienced admissions team will guide you through the entire process.

Entry requirements

Pupils will be interviewed by the school’s management team and we request report cards from previous courses. The admission of a pupil is conditional on our terms and conditions. Proficiency in the English language must be appropriate with the level required for the course to which pupils are applying.

Contact us

Contact our admissions team to initiate a first conversation and check the availability of places in your child’s course. (Tel: 957 767 048 - Email:

Request a place

Fill out the Application Form Application for a place and send us the latest school grades and report for your child.

Visit the facilities

Arrange a guided tour of the school with our admissions manager or assistant to one of our ‘Open House Mornings’. You will be able to meet our staff, see the school in action and experience the educational atmosphere of our British School.

Access test

Depending on the age of your child, we will schedule a meeting with the director of the relevant department to assess your child’s level of English and abilities.

Offer of Place

If the result of the visit is positive and there are places available, we will make a formal offer so that within a certain period of time you can confirm your interest in enrolling your child.

If there are no places in the requested course, we will include your child on our waiting list and we will contact you as soon as we have a free place.

Admission documentation

If you accept our offer of a place, we will ask you to complete the necessary admissions documentation and to formalise the payment of the admission fee to ensure your child’s place. Subsequently, you must pay the registration fee for the corresponding course.

Table of equivalence

AgeBritish SystemSpanish SystemFrench System

German System

US System
Maternelle petite section
NEarly Childhood
4ReceptionP4InfantilMaternelle moyenne sectionKindergartenPKEarly Childhood
5Y1PrimaryP5InfantilMaternelle grande sectionKindergartenKElementary
7Y3Primary2PrimariaCE12Grundshule2 ndElementary
8Y4Primary3PrimariaCE23Grundshule3 rdElementary
9Y5Primary4PrimariaCM14Grundshule4 thElementary
10Y6Primary5PrimariaCM25Gym.Real.5 thElementary
Key Stage 3
6Primaria6ème Collège6Gym.Real.6 thMiddle School
Key Stage 3
ESO5ème Collège7Gym.Real.7 thMiddle School
Key Stage 3
ESO4ème Collège8Gym.Real.8 thMiddle School
Key Stage 4
ESO3ème Collège9Gym.Real.9 thHigh School
Key Stage 4
ESOSeconde Lycée10Gym.Real.10 thHigh School
A Levels
BachilleratoPremière Lycée11Gym.Real.11 thHigh School - IB DP1
A Levels
BachilleratoTerminale Lycée12Gym.Real.12 thHigh School - IB DP2

Frequently asked questions

  • Access to Foundation (Early Years) doesn’t require any previous level of English. Ideally pupils in Years 1 and 2 pupils need a basic level of English.
  • Pupils from Year 2 upwards will need to take a language test to identify if they can follow classes with ease or if they require extra language support.  Children learn languages very quickly and naturally, so the earlier they start, the easier their transition into the school will be.
  • A good level of English is required to enter the Secondary School course (from Year 7 onwards). Their English level will be identified by a written and oral test.

No. Applications are processed according to the availability of places. We encourage parents to apply at any time, as we accept new pupils throughout the year.

The ratio between pupils and teacher is as follows:

  • Primary > 7-8 pupils per teacher
  • Secondary > 9-10 pupils per teacher

We follow a pupil-centred educational approach, and we typically work with small groups. There are two classes per year, with an average of 18 pupils and a maximum of 25 pupils per class.

We are proud to have a school community of many different nationalities. We try to maintain a balance between national and foreign families.

The vast majority of classes are taught in English. During primary and secondary there is an hour in Spanish (Spanish Language, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Geography and History), and pupils also learn French from Year 6 to Year 9 (5th Primary to 2nd ESO) as part of the curriculum, and from Year 10 as an optional subject.

Yes. Each campus has its own kitchen in which specialised personnel prepare healthy and balanced menus every day. We also take into account the different dietary needs of the pupils. Visit our Nutrition section for more information about the menus prepared and served daily by the dining room staff.

Yes. The British School of Córdoba currently has bus routes that cover most of the areas where pupils travel from.

Visit our section on School Transportation to learn more about the bus routes available for the campuses.

We offer a morning classroom service from 7.30 am. Classes begin at 9 am and end at 4.30 pm in winter time. After-school activities start at 4.30pm.

Yes. Our British school is recognized by the Spanish and British educational authorities as a regulated training centre. We teach the British national curriculum and pupils can choose to continue their studies in Spanish or British universities, as well as anywhere else in the world. For more information, click here.Enrolment Process’