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Values at The British School of Córdoba

Character education in the secondary section:

We believe that character is important and that developing positive qualities contributes to both personal attainment and happiness. We aim to prepare our students to embrace the challenges ahead of them and to positively influence the global society in which their futures lie.

Developing the personal characteristics of self-regulation, empathy and determination is embedded in both the academic and social experiences of students in our school.

We want each child to feel personally valued:

We will help them to become confident, independent, caring young people:

We want them to learn to think for themselves, find their own voice and engage with the world with confidence and curiosity:

Strengthen the self-confidence of each individual student:

Cultivate a sense of responsibility:

Develop a willingness to help in the community:

Encourage respect for others:

Foster a sense of ethical and cultural awareness:

Kindness, cooperation and mutual respect are key values throughout the school.