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Our Curriculum

Throughout The British School of Córdoba Primary Department we provide a curriculum which is broad and balanced and which builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills of all children, whatever their starting points, as they progress through the school. The curriculum incorporates the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 for England and other experiences and opportunities which best meet the learning and developmental needs of the pupils in our school. The aim of our curriculum is for pupils to have the skills to be successful, independent and motivated learners in readiness for their next stage of education. Through our curriculum we have created what we refer to as an “inside out school”. A school that delivers a curriculum best suited to the context in which we are based and the needs of the learners with whom we work daily.

Our school curriculum is based on the belief that a school curriculum should:

  • Prepare children as independent individuals who can make a difference.
  • Be fun, engaging and diverse.
  • Teach children they can do whatever they set their minds to.
  • Give children essential personal and life skills.
  • Be relevant to the needs of the children in our school.
  • Teach skills, not only facts.
  • Teach children how to analyse and be critical thinkers.
  • Teach how to form positive relationships with others.
  • Allow children to be creative, imaginative and independent.
  • Enable children to become confident learners.
  • Inspire, enthuse and motivate children to want to learn more.
  • Provide challenge.
  • Provide links between subjects.
  • Build resilience.
  • Teach respect for people, things and the environment.
  • Value effort and determination.
  • Embed values.
  • Embrace the world outside of school.
  • Be flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of all pupils.
  • Use relevant technology.
  • Provide opportunities to celebrate successes and recognise individuals talents.
  • Be individualised.
  • Ensure pupils understand what they are learning and why.
  • Develop global awareness and understanding.
  • Include outdoor experiences.
  • Be practical as well as academic.
  • Create confident cooperative lifelong learners.
  • Reflect the needs of the modern world.

The curriculum in Our Early Years Foundation Stage

Children in Nursery and Reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The learning challenges children and encourages them to develop into independent, motivated learners and thinkers, full of curiosity about the world around them within a fun, happy and secure environment.

Our Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is based on seven areas of learning:

  • Communication and Language.
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
  • Physical Development.
  • Maths.
  • Literacy.
  • Understanding of the World.
  • Expressive Arts and Design.

Children have opportunities to explore, enquire and to take risks through practical, hands-on learning experiences. At The British School of Córdoba, we have a high quality outside learning environment which the children are able to use throughout the day.

Due to our context Spanish language is included in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The children have a Spanish class each day. The children also have opportunities to meet as a Foundation Stage for assemblies and regularly participate in trips or invite in outside speakers to support the Foundation Stage curriculum.

The main school curriculum Year 1- Year 6

  • In our main school site (Year 1-6) we follow the statutory requirements and framework objectives of curriculum 2014 for English, Maths and Science. We deliver the foundation subjects as topic learning. A topic normally includes history, geography, design and technology and art. A topic usually lasts for a half term. Often the topic theme is also included in English where books are studied or writing composed that relates to the topic area. 
  • Computing, PE and music are taught as discrete subjects which develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required for these subjects. 

  • Often and where appropriate learning in music and computing and PE will be linked to the topic area. 
  • Music and PE are taught and supported by specialist teachers or teachers who have a strength in these subject areas.

  • In light of our status as a British School in Spain we teach Spanish and offer optional religion classes as part of our school curriculum.
  • The way we plan and deliver our school curriculum enables us to provide meaningful and cross curricular learning experiences for our children which enable them to make connections with the world around them. 

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils and their understanding of the core values of our society are woven through the curriculum as part of our values based education (VBE) approach. This approach is detailed further in our Values policy. 

Theme weeks, whole school activities and opportunities within and outside of school all enrich and develop the children’s learning. After school clubs and events extend these opportunities further. Additional whole school programmes and approaches support quality teaching and learning and the school is well resourced in terms of learning materials, books and technology. 

The outdoor environment and the local community are considered as an opportunity for active learning for all our pupils. We use the school grounds to support our curriculum.Pupils in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 have direct access to an outside learning environment. 

Pupils have opportunities to share their learning with each other, their parents and carers and other learners through school-based exhibitions, performances, competitions and events. Developing their independence and motivation as learners and their sense of responsibility as future citizens is at the heart of all our teaching and learning.

Expressive Arts Curriculum

At The British School of Córdoba we believe that the arts subjects (music, drama, dance, art) are important. We have a creative curriculum where the Arts subjects are incorporated into everyday teaching. We are an accredited Sing Up school and children have the opportunity to sing regularly in class and in assemblies. We believe that using the arts helps children to gain a greater understanding of what they are learning; encouraging key skills, whilst harnessing and encouraging creativity. For children who are learning English as second language teaching that incorporates song, movement, role play and visual cues is essential. 

We ensure that the pupils have a voice and that they make a real contribution towards their learning. We take on board ideas and suggestions from the children and children have opportunities to participate in school leadership groups including School Council, the Eco Committee and the Values Committee.