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Values at The British School of Córdoba

Our school is a values based education school. This means that we place a high priority on educating students socially and morally as well as academically. Throughout the school our students are taught to develop an ethical vocabulary in order to help them solve problems independently. Embedding values throughout the curriculum supports pupils to be critical thinkers and gives them the skills that they need to be truly engaged members of the global community in the 21st century.

In Primary staff, children and parents have collaborated to choose 18 values that are taught over a two year cycle. Each Value is then studied in depth for a month, but never forgotten, and that Value is expected to be demonstrated as part of everyday school life throughout the year.

Our Primary School Values are:

Year 1 Year 2





Caring for the environment






Resilience and determination

Humility and modesty


Fairness and Sportsmanship

Empathy and Compassion

Generosity and Helpfulness



At the heart of our values based curriculum are our weekly aged related assemblies. During assemblies the children are introduced to various aspects of the monthly value:

  • They are provided with examples of real life people or situations that highlight our value.
  • They listen to pieces of music with lyrics that tell stories related to our value.
  • They are provided with reflection time and asked to think about a question (THUNK) related to our value.
  • They are shown how they can live the value in everyday life both in school and the wider community.

Our assembly time is a community time and all our staff attend and hear the weekly values message. All staff then take the message and reinforce it through everything they do throughout each school day.

We also plan our special events to reflect our values and in the past these have included:

  • During Sportsmanship - Olympic week
  • During Caring for the environment- Eco Week
  • During Love- random acts of kindness project
  • During Charity- Bring and buy sale and other enterprise activities
  • During resilience and determination- Investigative science week
  • During Positivity- Wellbeing week
  • During Community- parents helped us realise our school garden project
  • During Peace- Peace day celebrations through singing.

Our annual art exhibition is also linked to the values we promote throughout the year and we often use art as a basis for illustrating our values.