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University Entry

The school was founded in 1998 and the first students entered university in 2005. All the 178 students who have graduated from Year 13 in the history of the school have achieved university entry in Spain (both state and private institutions), the United Kingdom (including 3 students who have achieved places at Cambridge in the last 4 years) or the United States. Below you will find relevant, recent statistics and a list of the university courses entered by our leavers over the last three years.

 A continuación, podrán ver una tabla con estadísticas recientes, así como una lista de carreras universitarias a las que nuestros alumnos graduados han accedido en los últimos dos años.

YEAR Average UCAS points for UK university entrance Average mark out of 10 for Spanish university entrance
 2010/11 490 8.5
 2011/12 520 8.8
 2012/13 400 7.6
 2012/13 547 8.45




  Universidad of Cambridge
  Natural Sciences
  Universidad of Dundee   Computer Sciences
  Universidad of Durham   Aeronautical Engineering
  Universidad of Kingston   International Relations
  Universidad of Glasgow   Aeronautical Engineering
  Trinity College, Dublín   Mathematics
  Berklee College of Music, Boston   Music
  Universidad Carlos III, Madrid   Law and Business Studies (2 ex-students)
  Law and International Relations
  Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid   Pharmacy
  Universidad de Córdoba   Electronic Engineering
  Food Science
  Graphic Design
  Law and Business Studies (3 ex-students)
  Medicine (5 ex-students)
  Mechanical Engineering
  Human Resources and Labour Relations
  Cultural Administration
  Bilingual Teaching Degree
  ESIC, Madrid   Marketing and Business Studies
  Universidad Loyola Andalucía   Business Studies (3 ex-students)
  Universidad Politécnica de Madrid   Industrial Engineering (2 ex-students)
  Sagrado Corazón , Córdoba   Primary Teacher Training
  Universidad de Sevilla   Aeronautical Engineering
  Fine Arts
  Law and Business Studies
  Universidad de Navarra   Law and Business Studies - Bilingual
  University of London   Biomedical Engineering
  Universidad Europea de Madrid   Criminology and Psychology
  University of Napier, Edimburgo   Industrial Engineering
  Universidad de Valencia ADE 
  Universidad Complutense de Madrid   Medicine