Our History

Academic excellence since 1998


  • 1998

    BSC was established in 1998 by the initiative of a group of parents.

    BSC was established in 1998 by the initiative of a group of strongly motivated parents who were looking for an alternative, personalised and high-quality education for their children.

    The school began operating in the 1998/99 academic year at the “La Colecilla” farm with 60 pupils divided into five Primary classrooms.

  • 2003

    Inauguration of new facilities

    In April 2003 the school moved to our current headquarters on Calle México 4, in the heart of the Córdoba Mountains, a few minutes from the city. The new building was inaugurated by the British Ambassador of Spain, Sir Peter Torry.

  • 2006

    Growth of Foundation

    In August 2006 we expanded our facilities by purchasing the Platero Nursery on Jurista Otbi street, where the Foundation (Nursery) section was relocated.

  • 2018

    Expansion of the Main Headquarters

    In September 2018 we expanded the headquarters with the construction of a new modern building inaugurated by the British Ambassador of Spain, Mr. Simon Manley.

  • 23 years old

They say that our origin defines us. When something begins, there is a driving force, which remains throughout our history. This is distinguishable in each and every one of our pupils who passes through the British School of Córdoba, a stamp that defines and differentiates us from others schools in Spain.

Our history began more than twenty years ago in a farm on the outskirts of the city of Córdoba whose name we can all remember: La Colecilla.

And as in the song: the birds sang and the clouds rose, giving shelter to those who would be our first sixty pupils…

Nothing is stronger than the love that parents have for their children! And it was this that drove a group of parents to form, but not be conformed. Tired of a traditional educational system, that lacked long-term results, they chose to realise their idea that in their head, had shape, colour and textures.

And so, these pioneering and brave parents undertook a wonderful adventure and begun to shape what is now considered as one of the best British Schools in the country.

The results are tangible. These pupils now travel the world, with the security of speaking several languages and armed with life skills needed for the future. 

And it is from these humble beginnings that the British School of Córdoba was born, from a dream, an impossible dream that has been fulfilled through dedication and care. One of our first pupils remember this time with fondness and nostalgia: ‘’The school has given me the education needed to face the world of work with determination and security, the strength to understand a world that changes constantly and the most important values of life, such as the sense of justice, tolerance and honesty’’ E.S.